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2.0-gamma source code has moved

Nico Stuurman-2
To all Micro-Manager Developers,

Mark and I just finished moving the source code for Micro-Manager
2.0-gamma on GitHub from the nicost/micro-manager:ViewerPlusCV branch to
the main micro-manager/micro-manager:master branch. From now on, the MM
2.0-gamma binaries will be built from this master branch.  This code
will be the basis of the upcoming 2.0 release.

New contributions to all parts of Micro-Manager should be through GitHub
pull requests to micro-manager/micro-manager, based on the ‘master’
branch. For existing SVN users only, we will continue to accept SVN
commits to device adapters until everybody has had a chance to switch to

We hope this will facilitate everyone's work-flow.  Below are
instructions on adjusting existing git repositories.  If you run into
issues please do not hesitate to ask.

If you have an existing local clone of nicost/micro-manager (on your
local computer), you may need to repoint it to
micro-manager/micro-manager so that you can continue to work with it.

Check your remotes with

     git remote -v

This shows a table of remotes and their URLs. Typically, 'origin' will
be set to https://github.com/nicost/micro-manager.git, but you may have
renamed it.

You can now either rename Nico's repository and add a new remote:

     git remote rename origin nicost

     git remote add origin

Or you can keep the remote 'origin' and change its URL:

     git remote set-url origin

This takes care of the remote, but you might also have branches that
track remote. For example, you may have a local 'ViewerPlusCV' branch
that tracks Nico's upstream. In this case, I would recommend simply
checking out 'master', which is the new default branch, and deleting the
local 'ViewPlusCV' tracking branch.

If you have a topic branch (a branch on which you are working on
something) based off of 'ViewerPlusCV', it should just continue to work,
because git branches only "know" the commits they derive from, and are
independent from any other branches.

To quickly check your branch upstreams, use

     git branch -vv

This shows the head of each branch. For branches that are tracking an
upstream, the upstream is displayed in brackets []. Typically, topic
branches do not have an upstream (or track a branch on your personal fork).

Best regards,

Nico and Mark

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