Accessing CoreAutofocus in MATLAB

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Accessing CoreAutofocus in MATLAB


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had previously set up image-based autofocus in
MATLAB using the CoreAutofocus class from Micro-Manager. I've been trying
to import it using the same general process as importing CMMCore (which I
can do successfully) but when I try to create a new object, MATLAB says it
can't find the CoreAutofocus constructor.

For CMMCore the procedure is
import mmcorej.*;

So my questions are:
1. Which jar file contains the CoreAutofocus class? (I've tried importing
some of the jar files from the plugins directory with autofocus in the name
to no avail)
2. What are the proper commands to import that jar and call the constructor
so I can access software autofocus functions in MATLAB?

Pavak Shah

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