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Acquisition comments sometimes not saved

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I stumbled upon a nasty bug recently: I always take note of relevant parameter that are not saved by MM in the acquisition comments field of the MDA window (e.g. if using a non-standard excitation filter).

This works most of the time. However, on some recent datasets, the comments wont be displayed when the dataset is reopened… I've had it 3 times so far, always for long experiments (>48h, ≈100gb). Several datasets acquired in the meantime are not affected.
Since I wondered whether this was due to the size of the dataset, I quickly created a similar ≈100gb dataset but couldn't reproduce the problem. Also, since my different datasets showing the problem were recorded using different parameters, I would have to be really unlucky to have a metadata storage problem on all 3…

btw, I save datasets as stack, *not* splitting by position (ie only splitting files over 4.2gb), and use the stable 1.4.22.
It would be great to understand what causes the problem in order to know when one can rely on comments and when not. Thank you in advance for your help.

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