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Acquisition of Color Images

Hoover, Karl
Hi Madhusudan,

Micro-manager per se supports RGB color cameras with 8 bits per color. Each camera manufacturer will need to verify the function of any device adapter they wrote (or alternatively, perhaps, lend us a camera for testing) The  1.3.45 release:  only supports Snap and Live.

The unstable / beta / development version supports time lapse, multi-position, and z-stacks of 8 bit RGB color images.

Support for deeper bits depths is in progress.

Best Regards,
Karl Hoover

From: kannan madhusudan [[hidden email]]
Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 08:06
To: [hidden email]
Subject: [micro-manager-general] problem in acquiring color images thru ProgResC5

Hi all,
   I have been trying to acquire images using the ProgRes C5..i have face the following 2 issues regarding this:
(i) i am unable to obtain color images from the camera when i try acquisition thru micromanager. Color images get acquired when using the ProgRes Capture Pro. Has anyone faced the same issue?
(ii) where do i change the fps at which the micromanager displays the images from the camera? the camera which i am using - the ProgRes C5 gives around 10 fps but wen i use the "Live" capture in micromanager, the refresh rate apprears to be quite slow..around 2 fps i guess....


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