Andor iXon 860 EMCCD Camera control

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Andor iXon 860 EMCCD Camera control


 hi everyone

 im new in this forum, thank you

 i have a Andor iXon 860 model EMCCD camera that i want to control it to
imaging a period when i will excite some cells with my LED.

 the thing is i have a control on my LED with a teensy microcontroller to
trigger the periods and to send up and down pulse, i am using arduino. and i
want to see if i can control the camera with arduino, through the smb
connexion, or serial, an idea if you have to help me please....because i
want to say to the camera to go (trigger the camera ) or  the camera can
trigger my LED trough the teensy microcontroller and i want meybe to have
all in same programming envirronement..

thank you again


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