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Announcement: Optotune lens plugin

Hi, I developed a Micro-Manger plugin for Optotune focus tunable lens for people in our lab. I am not affiliated with Optotune, just thought it might be useful to somebody else.

The plugin simply converts input currents to the binary format that the lens would recognize.

The software is located at
Here is the direct link:

To use this plugin:

1) Install Micro-Manager 1.4.
2) Copy the .jar file to Micro-Manager/mmplugins directory.
3) Click hardware configuration, and add an “UserDefinedStateDevice” in MM for the lens.
4) During property configuration, change the “Command Mode” setting to “Binary”.
5) Also change the “Port” setting to the COM port that the lens uses before leaving the configuration dialog.
6) Launch the plugin from MM's plugin menu.
7) Select the lens' corresponding COM port on the GUI and you are good to go.