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AxioPlan2 setup help please

Cammer, Michael-2

We are trying to set up an old axioPlan2 for use with MicroManager 2.0 gamma.


The microscope does not have a mechanical shutter, but it is easy to set up multiprobe fluorescent imaging using Multi-D Acq by using a blank turret position as an off position for fluorescence.



First Question (important):


We need to add a transmitted light image to Multi-D Acq.  The Halogen lamp on/off can be controlled from MM, however, I am having difficulties setting up each preset fluorescence channel to have the lamp off and the transmitted presets to have the lamp on.  Help with this would be greatly appreciated. 


(Also, MM will turn the lamp on and off as a shutter and can read the voltage of lamp intensity, but cannot set the lamp intensity.  Not important to fix, but wanted to report it.)



Second Question (less important, but would like to correct for future use):


The microscope has motor driven focus which worked fine from OpenLab on an ancient Mac.  However, Micromanager does not drive the focus on this scope.  Help fixing this would be appreciated.


We are using Zeiss CAN.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. 



Thank you!!



Michael Cammer, Sr Research Scientist, DART Microscopy Laboratory

NYU Langone Health, 540 First Avenue, SK2 Microscopy Suite, New York, NY  10016

Office: 646-501-0567 Cell: 914-309-3270  [hidden email]









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