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Axiocam MRc5 + Axiocam MRm

Jonathan Avesar

I have an Axiovert 200M with two cameras, an Axiocam MRc5 and an Axiocam MRm.

I managed to configure the entire system except for the MRc5. I am able to successfully control the microscope stand components along with the MRm (I can take images). The MRm connects over what appears to be a Cat 5 ethernet cable and the MRc5 connects over a Firewire IEEE 1394 connector.

I read the device page on Axiocams and read the section on the MRc5. I made sure that I have the legacy driver for the IEEE 1394 serial bus but control with micromanager still doesn't work (although I am able to add it in the hardware config. wizard).

In my original configuration, I added both cameras using the "Axiocam" configuration setting. Ideally, I want to be able to switch between cameras depending on my sample (if I want to image in color or mono, but not simultaneously).

I tried making a configuration with only the MRc5 while the MRm was unplugged and the configuration wizard allowed me to add the camera but then I got an error when trying to take a picture in micromanager.

Can anyone give me some pointers?

Much appreciated,

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