Changing acquisition settings and pausing acquisition

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Changing acquisition settings and pausing acquisition

Christopher Brittin [RPG]


I'm writing a plugin for version 2 beta. I am having two issues: adjusting the acquisiton settings and pausing the acquisiton. 

For adjusting the acquistion settings my code is shown below. The numFrames and intervalMs fields gets set, but the acquisiton is always saved to the prefix and root directories displayed in the MDA interface.  How can I get the acquisition to save to the prefix and root specified by the plugin?

        seqSet = mm.acquisitions().getAcquisitionSettings();
        seqSet.numFrames = exp.getTotalFrames();
        seqSet.intervalMs = (double) 0;
        seqSet.prefix = exp.getPopId();
        seqSet.root = exp.getOutDir(); = true;
        store = mm.acquisitions().runAcquisitionNonblocking();

Finally, there are periodic 5-10 second intervals in my acquistion where I don't need to collect any data, and so I would like to pause acquisition and then resume when I need to reconvene data collection.  I have tried using 


but the acquisition does not pause.  How can I get the acquisition pause? preferrably without having to predefine custom time intervals.




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