Changing the Z value of any position in a position list

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Changing the Z value of any position in a position list

Francois St-Pierre-2
Dear MM users,

I'm using MM 1.3 on a TE2000 (without perfect focus) to acquire
time-lapse movies with many XY positions. Because I get Z focus drift
over time, I have to perform autofocus routines. Given that all XY
positions experience similar drift, I'd like to do the following:

(1) Peform autofocus on one position
(2) Determine by how much the focus changed
(3) Update the Z value of ALL the positions in my position list (since
their focus drift is ~ the same)
(4) Go to the next position and repeat

This would allow me to perform faster (lower range) autofocus
routines, and would reduce the chance that the focus changed so much
that the range of the autofocus routine can't accomodate it.

Has anyone written a script to allow one to do something like this?
Otherwise, any pointers on the right functions to use would be great.
I haven't written any script in MM yet...

By the way, I think the above function may be useful to a wide range
of users and perhaps could be added to the next version of MM.



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