Control lumencor light engine sola SE via micromanager

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Control lumencor light engine sola SE via micromanager

Udi Binshtok

I'm trying to control lumencor light engine sola SE  via micromanager. I used the
existing MM driver spectra. I am currently usinglatest version of MM 2.0.0 gamma1 20190623. 

In the hardware configuration wizard I have 2 options:
1. Lumencor Light Engine
2. Lumencor Spectra Light Engine 

When choosing option 1 I need to manually set a value for the connection property and choose a value from a list for the model property, When I choose the model "SOLASE" and put in manually the "COM5" in the connection value (COM5 is the port for this lumencor device), the software is suck and not responding.

When Choosing option 2 I need to choose from a list both connection and model values. I do have COM5 to choose for the connection, but in the model I do not have SolaSE, but only Sola (other options are Spectra, spectraX and Aura). 
I chose Sola, but when I try to use the lumencore light with a preset or from the device property browser (the shutter is set to "spectra"), nothing happens as if the lumencor device did not get any signal from the computer.

Can you please help me to get it work?

Any help would be appreciated.  


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