Custom camera - live mode in Micromanager

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Custom camera - live mode in Micromanager

Dear all,

First of all I am pretty new to the forum so, Hi everyone!

I am using a custom camera in my microscope. The camera is connected to an
Active Silicon Firebird framegrabber. Since is a custom camera, there are no
drivers and I am controlling it using Visual Studio.

For the moment I developed a basic application which sends the images to RAM
and see them in real time. So I wonder if its possible to take the images
allocated in RAM and preview them using Micromanager, I don't need to
control the camera... I just want to use the "Live Mode" from MM to see the
images that my camera is storing in RAM.

Is this possible? If that, which libraries should I take a look at?

Many thanks in advance,
-- Raúl Bola

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