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DAQ Analog input problem


Sorry not sure my message is sent correctly or not so I resend the message.
I'm trying to communicate Thorlabs femtowatt photodetector (PDF10A) with MM. Since this cannot be done directly, so I connect PDF10A to DAQ (NI USB X series) analog input. 

However, in the MM hardware configuration wizard, the Analog IO channel only has output option. In my case, when I click the drop-down list of IO channel, it only shows Dev1/ao0, Dev1/ao1, SimDev1/ao0, SimDev/ao1. I couldn't find Dev1/ai0, which in my case, is the PDF10A channel. How can MM identify the Analog input?

The project I want to do is to use MDA to make luminescence intensity mapping via motorized stage (Ludl) and point photodetector (PDF10A). The motorized stage is working well but I couldn't figure out the PDF10A detector.


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