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DMIRE2 port mirror

Tim Feinstein

Hello all,


Is anyone currently using a Leica DMIRE2 scope with Windows 7?  I have off and on success running it with MM, since the Leica DMI driver works differently with different MM versions.  In Micro-Manager 2.0 the hardware configurator can see the scope base but it does not detect any peripherals. 


MM 1.4 works ok, with some caveats.  The objective turret seems like a lost cause; fortunately I can change objectives by hand.  My biggest problem is the port mirror that switches emission light between the camera and the eyepieces.  Physical controls are locked out and the software does not seem to know that this peripheral exists, so switching to the camera seems impossible at the moment. 


Does anyone know the trick to getting this peripheral recognized in MM? 


Thanks again,    




Timothy Feinstein, Ph.D.

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