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Enclosures for Controllers

Hi Micro-Manager Community,

I see a LOT of communication on the list-serb regarding using Arduino, and Raspberry Pi devices to control microscope peripherals. While there are products built on top of these, and there are individual components, I don’t see nice, high quality enclosures which support the variety of connections/shields/etc, users like us often want or need (e.g. SMA, SMB, BNC, D Sub, etc). I’m collecting information to see if there’s a good way to address this need, so would it be OK to ask for some of you who do use these devices, to complete this one-page and very short survey? Your input is extremely valuable for me, as it will aid me in figuring out the best way to move forward in building a top quality enclosure system for these little boards. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a few minutes and complete this!

Austin Blanco
Advanced Research Consulting Corporation
e. [hidden email]
w. www.advancedresearch.co
c. 510.708.2995

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Re: Enclosures for Controllers

Sam Lord
Yes, I make my own custom enclosures for Arduinos, etc. I suppose I could start a service selling them. ;)