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Error: MMScript error: Unsupported pixel depth: 4

Hoover, Karl
Hi Xavier,

Indeed, the support of color images in µManager is limited. Generally, one can get Snap and Live images from cameras which have a 3 x 8 bit RGB format. Internally, the 3 color images are handled as 4 color images hence the error message you saw. multi-D acquisition does not currently work with color images. Also formats deeper than 8 bits per color are not currently supported. We hope to provide these functionalities in an upcoming release.

Best Regards,
Karl Hoover

(in response to your message:)
From: "F.Xavier Gómez" [[hidden email]]
Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 07:39
To: Hoover, Karl
Cc: Micro-Manager General
Subject: Re: Listdlls file of jenoptik problem with Micromanager and one C3

Dear Karl,

Thanks again for your kind attention and help with MicroManager.
Finally I can get some pictures with our C3 cooled camera working with
your "nightly build" software.

About your question 1, yes I can work/operate with Jenoptik software
without probems.

About configuration file and "DemoCamera" It is only for test . I
tried to "add" the Jenoptik camera to one configuration file that it
have "DemoCamera" already.

About the third question, here you give to me the "key" but it was not
a problem of "CamUSB_API.dll", the problem was "MexJCan.dll" you
include new version " and Jenoptik have in their latest
software ProgRes Cap Pro 2.7.7 the old version "". I just
replace this file for the "old" and the C3 camera works!

I suppose that MicroManager "does not like" Colour RGB pictures
because when I try to take RGB pictures the software give to me:

"... Error: MMScript error: Unsupported pixel detph: 4 ..."

I guess that working only in Grayscale ( 8 or 16 bits) it will work
without problems.

Best Regards,

F.Xavier Gómez
A.COLOMA Microscopis i Aparells Optics
c\Lluis Sagnier 26 28 bxs drt porta carrer
08032 Barcelona, ESPANYA
telf: +34(9)34355555
[hidden email]

Ps: Sorry for double post

El 23/02/2010, a las 20:07, Hoover, Karl escribió:

> Hi Xavier,
> 1. Are you able to operate the camera with Jenoptik's software on
> the PC? If not then I'm pretty certain µManager won't function either.
> The listdlls list is instructive. It raises several questions:
> 2. Which devices are you loading from the 'DemoCamera' Could you
> send your configuration file?
> 3. Not all of the Jenoptik libraries are being loaded. I've included
> all the libraries that need to be shipped with the Jenoptik camera,
> you could try placing these in the µManager directory, replace any
> existing files with the same name (CamUsb_API.dll might be an old
> version, you need at least version 1.9.82)
> ________________________________
> From: "F. Xavier Gómez" [[hidden email]]
> Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 11:16
> To: Hoover, Karl
> Subject: Listdlls file of jenoptik problem with Micromanager and one
> C3
> Dear Karl Hoover,
> Here I attached the file that I get typing "LISTDLLS >
> JENOPTIKTROUBLE.LIST" on my computer after get the "Error 22" window
> from you last Micromanager build.
> I did a fresh install on my computer and the only software for one C3
> camera was ProgRes Capture 2.7.7 on my computer.
> Perhaps the problem was about that C3 is not supported on ImageJ on
> Windows XP, because I can use it working with OSX 10.6.2 without
> problems but not on Windows XP( I have got one Macbook). But there is
> no driver on Micromanager for OSX yet I guess.
> Best Regards,
> F. Xavier Gómez
> A.COLOMA Microscopis i Aparells Óptics
> c\Lluis Sagnier 26-28 bxs drt
> 08032 Barcelona , Spain
> telf: +34 (9)3 4355555
> fax: +34 (9)3 4565050
> [hidden email]

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