Fast autofocusing using a Piezo stage and Digital IO board

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Fast autofocusing using a Piezo stage and Digital IO board

Francois St-Pierre-2
Dear Micromanager users,

I'd like to be able to increase the speed of software-based autofocusing by:
(1) Increasing the Z speed of my objective
(2) Decreasing the time spent between movement of the objective and
image acquisition

One way of achieving this would be to use a Piezo Z stage, and a
Digital IO board (also called DAC board) to move the Piezo as soon as
a image at a given Z plane has been acquired.

I'd be grateful for any recommendations of Piezo + Digital IO boards
which work well together and with Micromanager. I found an example
script using an ASI Z and an Arduino digital IO board, but don't know
whether it is reliable solution and whether other folks have good or
bad experiences with other devices supported by Micromanager

This equipment would be used on a Nikon TE2000 (which cannot easily be
upgraded with a Perfect Focus System) and a Hamamatsu Orca-R2. We also
have a Hamamatsu Orca-ER, but I believe it doesn't have the
synchronization capabilities to do what I propose.



Francois St-Pierre, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow
Drew Endy's lab, Stanford Bioengineering

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