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Frame Rate issue with OpenCVgrabber


My lab is currently trying to look at fluorescent responses in neurons, and
we're trying to set up the video acquisition for the experiment. I'm new to
video capture, so any input or corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Camera - Watek 902H Ultimate B/W CCD (EIA)

Output via BNC cable to BlackMagic Analog to SDI adapter

SDI output to BlackMagic DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K in a Windows 8.1 computer

Then using Micro-manager 1.4.22 with opencvgrabber to acquire the video

From my understanding, the video the camera is outputting is only 29.97 fps
(59.94 field refresh rate, but the output is only every other line). ~30fps
is workable for the events we're looking at, but we would like to avoid
going any lower than that.

The issue is that when I try to acquire video/frames from Micro-manager, I'm
only getting ~15.2 fps. I've set exposure to 0ms, and the issue remains
whether I'm in live or Multi-dimensional acquisition.

If I use other software (VirtualDub or BlackMagic Express) to acquire
video/frames, I'm able to get 30fps, but these don't seem to allow for the
precise acquisition times we're looking for.
Is there a way that I can get 30fps acquisition from Micro-manager with my
set up? I've been searching for options that I may have missed, but I
haven't had any luck finding them.

I appreciate any input or advice.



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