Frame rate setting for FLIR/Point Grey cameras with Spinnaker

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Frame rate setting for FLIR/Point Grey cameras with Spinnaker

Maxime Deforet
Hi all,
I have recently found out the great job of Elliot M Steele with the Spinnaker adapter. I had just started writing an adapter on my own, so this is a very good news for me.
I could compile the source on my system (Win10, mm1.4, and Spinnaker1.40). It works smoothly with my BlackFly S camera.

I have a question regarding the frame rate control. There is no framerate setting available from the MM GUI. When I choose a smaller ROI, the frame rate is not increased. From the source file, it seems a frame rate control was written, but these lines were commented out. Didn’t it work? Is there a plan to add frame rate control to this adapter?
Also, I know this adapter is now maintained by Cairn Research? How could I get in touch with them about this issue?
(I am absolutely willing to write this framerate control myself, I just want to make sure it will work after a reasonable effort).

Second question: how difficult would it be to make this adapter work with Linux, considering that Spinnaker SDK is compatible with Linux? I don’t realize how much work it would represent.


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