HCS generator calibration error - Prior/Oasis controller

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HCS generator calibration error - Prior/Oasis controller

Darren Thomson

Hi Nico,


Many thanks for your reply. I’m using MM 2.0 and I have a Prior H117 stage, controlled by an Oasis card. Are you saying that the ‘driver’ / ‘device adapter’ for Oasis may not adhere to normal MM convention?

If so, what are the steps required to rectify this?


Thank you,


Darren Thomson


Hi Darren,



On 6/16/2017 9:49 AM, Darren Thomson wrote:

> There is a problem when I try to use the HCS generator plug in:


> I set up my well template (24), ?select? the 1st well on the GUI, move

> the stage to the 1^st well (At this point the ?cursor? and ?stage?

> co-oridinates do not match).


> Then I calibrate XY. It reads the correct number from the stage in the UI.


> However, when I clock move to the first well on the GUI, it moves the

> stage to the centre of the plate and also moves the stage in the

> opposite X direction, at ? the distance it should.


> -So when I click ?Move? on well A2 on the GUI, the stage instead moves

> in the opposite direction (left) and only until ? the distance between

> the wells.


> -I have configured the pixel sizes and objectives etc. so it can?t be

> that.


> -I tried refreshing the UI?s incase the XY values were not being

> picked up.


> The main problem is there seems to be no calibration taking plate.



MM 1.4 or 2.0?  What stage are you using?


It sounds like your stage (device adapter) does not adhere to the convention in Micro-Manager, and it also sounds like it has a factor of

2 error in its stepsize.  See:









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