Hamamatsu Orca ER C4742-80 "sensitivity" and other Q's

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Hamamatsu Orca ER C4742-80 "sensitivity" and other Q's

Hi all, I am an amateur scientist pursuing photon emission detection. i picked up a Hamamatsu ORCA ER C4742-80 and controller and seem to have figured out most of it's functionality and controls. Using HCImageLive software 

I have a background in professional and technical photography and so relate to film/sensor ratings like ISO or ASA - 100/400/3200 etc...

What is the "asa" or "speed" of the camera sensor?? is this a relevant question?

Binning - by what factor does binning increase the relative sensitivity of the device? i note that increased binning creates more noise, similar to how noise builds up on my Nikon pro camera as i wind it up to 3200asa and beyond. will "background subtraction" extract most of the noise?

i am using long exposures with plants and human subjects, 20-40 mins - can anyone recommend best settings for loooonnng exposures please - Variability Tolerance & Rate of Convergence settings?

Thanks for any advice! Anyone in Vancouver BC gets a free lunch if you are willing to meet with me to further discuss. Willing to pay for in person tutoring on the device.

Brian Powell

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