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Hamamatsu Orca Flash with CameraLink

    We are using a Hamamatus Orca Flash with umanager nightly build. Normally, the first time "Live" is started, there is normally no issues. However, if I stopped the live window and start it again, it would take about 10 sec before a timeout error box showing up. One way to work around it is to use time lapse. There is no problem acquiring time lapse sequences. After acquiring a time lapse sequence, I was able to use "live" mode again. Alternativley, I could just use time lapse as "live" monitor. This workaround is ok for now, but I was wondering if someone had similar issues and have figured out a solution.
     A log file is attached below. It shows that live mode failed a couple of time. After acquiring a time lapse sequence, "live" is working again.
     Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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