How to auto apply image flipper in startup for mm2?

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How to auto apply image flipper in startup for mm2?

Hi folks,

I referenced following link to write imager flipper auto applied startup script for mm2


addClassPath(new File("C:/Program Files/Micro-Manager-2.0beta/mmplugins/ImageFlipper.jar").getPath());
addClassPath(new File(System.getProperty("user.dir") +

import org.micromanager.internal.MMStudio;
import org.micromanager;
import org.micromanager.Studio;
import org.micromanager.internal;
import org.micromanager.imageflipper;
import org.micromanager.imageflipper.FlipperProcessor;


Studio studio_;
processor = new FlipperProcessor(studio_,"Camera",90,true);

But I don't known how to apply this processor to imageProcessor in mm2


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