How to call functions in device adapter (NI100X)

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How to call functions in device adapter (NI100X)

Michael A Taylor

I am trying to control a DAQ board. The NI100X device adapter provides the analog output voltage as a property that can be set in the device property browser, or via script panel using a command such as
mmc.setProperty("AnalogOut0", "Volts", 1.5);

However the NI100X device adapter should offer more capabilities than this. It is supposed to also allow triggered output, which I guess relies on functions in the device adapter e.g.

AnalogIO::AddToDASequence(double val)

What command syntax is required to access these functions?

I notice that the file MMDevice.h has some functions within the "class SignalIO : public Device" that are also mentioned in the NI100X.h file, so I thought that perhaps the script must call the MMDevice.h functions and these then call the NI100X functions mentioned above, but none of the commands I have tried worked.

Any help will be much appreciated.