How to set the white balance?

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How to set the white balance?

Hi, all
I'm using MM ver 1.4, and Pointgrey CM3-U3-31S4C-CS camera.
When I use MM with RGB32 mode and see the 'Live' image of the sample(in my
case, SiO2 substrate), it looks different color with eyepieces of the

I know that means white balance is wrongly set.
I read the Micro-Manager for Discovery for colour
They use the PM/QI AWB plugin, but in the MM homepage, it doesn't

I did adjust the histogram range of each channel(ex, R: 0 to 255, G: 150 to
255, B: 120 to 255), it looks like the similar color with eyepieces.

So my question is 1) how to use PM/QI AWB and 2) What does mean that adjust
the each channel's range?

Best regard
Myeongin Song

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