Issues with Import Statements for version 2.0

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Issues with Import Statements for version 2.0

Vanessa King

Apologies for the basic question here, but I haven't been able to find any suggestions that can help thus far. I'm using a version 2.0beta of Micro-Manager in MATLAB R2018a on Windows 7. I am unable to import anything from version 2.0beta. 
My script: 

%Set up a link between micromanager and matlab

MMsetup_javaclasspath('C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-2.0beta')

oldpath = path;

path(oldpath,'C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-2.0beta')


import mmcorej.*


%Get the current open display

Datastore store = mm.displays().getCurrentWindow().getDatastore();

Throws the following error: 
Error: File: trialMicroGUI.m Line: 7 Column: 8
Arguments to IMPORT must either end with ".*" or else specify a fully qualified class name: "" fails
this test.

If I change the import statement to import* , I then get the error:
Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'Datastore'. The closest match is: datastore in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018a\toolbox\matlab\datastoreio\datastore.m

Error in trialMicroGUI (line 13)
Datastore store = mm.displays().getCurrentWindow().getDatastore();

From this error, it is obvious that the* import is not working even though it didn't throw an error. My javaclasspath contains every .jar in the 2.0beta plugins folder as well as the ij.jar. Any help in what I can do to have MATLAB recognize the import statements would be very appreciated. Thanks,


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