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KNIME remote control of µManager

Karl Bellve-3
I have extended Matthijs Neuro's MMRestServer and now it has the ability to control µManager via KNIME's Rest Nodes. Basically, it means you can use KNIME workflows to do intelligent acquisitions via µManager. Accquire an image, process it, and redirect the acquisition of the next image based on the last...etc...The power of KNIME behind µManager. I haven't extended it to µManager 2.0 yet (i.e.  uses.openAcquisition())

However, as with most things in KNIME, it can be daunting to create those workflows and I am still figuring out the best way to do this on the KNIME side...

Still tons to do and it sits on a open socket on port 8000, which you can't change yet. No security....and I will look into this soon and advice on this would be appreciated.

Just wondering if people are interested in me keeping this list or them updated on the progress...

Thanks to Matthijis for all his work...


Karl Bellvé
Biomedical Imaging Group
Molecular Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School

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