Leica DM IRBE filter wheel and brightfield shutter

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Leica DM IRBE filter wheel and brightfield shutter

Matthias Meurer

we are trying to reactivate an old Leica DM IRBE microscope. We attached
to it a CoolLED pE-300white and a Pointgrey grasshopper 3 camera. I've
managed to configure micromanager to use the CoolLED ligthsource, the
camera and some parts of the Leica micrsocope over the LeicaDMR adapter
(Z-stage, objective nosepiece).

However, some parts from the microsope I didn't manage to control over
micromanager. Our Leica DM IRBE is equipped with an automated filter
wheel and an automated shutter for the transmitted light. Both are
controlled over an external box from Leica that is connected via the
Leica F-Bus with the microscope. The microscope itself is connected over
a RS232 to USB adapter to the PC.
Not sure if it helps, but with the Leica SDK and an older version of
Metamorph I'm able to control all parts of the microscope. Unfortunately
the Metamorph version is so old, that the CoolLED and the pointgrey are
not supported. So I hope it would be possible to get the filter wheel
and the shutter working with micromanager.

Any ideas how to get it to work?

Best regards,


Matthias Meurer
Research Engineer
Zentrum für Molekulare Biologie
Universität Heidelberg
Knop Lab
Im Neuenheimer Feld 282
D-69120 Heidelberg


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