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Avin Sigurani
I am a graduate student at Idaho State University.  We have a Leica DMRA
microscope with a Hamamatsu DCAM camera.  The computer being used to
capture data is running windows XP.  I have installed micromanager and
connected a 9-pin null-modem cable to the serial port on the microscope
and computer.  The camera worked flawlessly with micromanager from the
beginning, and is connected through fire-wire.  The microscope Z-stage
and halogen-lamp also are controlled well as far as I can tell.

The objective nose-piece is sensed and its state is updated when
objectives are changed manually.  However, when I use the device
properties browser to try to change objectives, either nothing happens
or it gives the message:
Error Code: 22
Objective Nosepiece.
Failed Changing Objectives.  Is the immersion mode appropriate for the
new objective?  
(error code: 11010)"

The filter wheel is not sensed at all as far as I know.  The filter
wheel would be more important to most of the users of the microscope,
but it would be wonderful to get full functionality from micromanager's
control of the scope.

The settings for COM1 on the computer are:

BPS: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop Bits: None
Flow Control: None

Here is the configuration file I have used to configure micromanager for
the scope and camera:

# Generated by Configurator on Sat Feb 20 15:48:58 MST 2010

# Reset

# Devices
Device,Leica DM microscope,LeicaDMR,Leica DM microscope
Device,Halogen Lamp,LeicaDMR,Halogen Lamp
Device,Objective Nosepiece,LeicaDMR,Objective Nosepiece
Device,Z Drive,LeicaDMR,Z Drive

# Pre-init settings for devices
Property,Leica DM microscope,Port,COM1

# Pre-init settings for COM ports

# Initialize

# Delays
Delay,Halogen Lamp,250.0

# Roles
Property,Core,Shutter,Halogen Lamp
Property,Core,Focus,Z Drive

# Camera-synchronized devices
ImageSynchro,Z Drive
ImageSynchro,Objective Nosepiece
ImageSynchro,Halogen Lamp
ImageSynchro,Leica DM microscope

# Labels
# Objective Nosepiece
Label,Objective Nosepiece,6,Obj-7
Label,Objective Nosepiece,5,63x
Label,Objective Nosepiece,4,40x
Label,Objective Nosepiece,3,20x
Label,Objective Nosepiece,2,10x
Label,Objective Nosepiece,1,empty
Label,Objective Nosepiece,0,2.5x

# Configuration presets
# Group: Channel

# Group: System
# Preset: Startup

# PixelSize settings

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