Live mode causes Arduino shutter to be unstable

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Live mode causes Arduino shutter to be unstable

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I'm using MM2.0beta to control Qimaing cMOS camera (ROLERA Bolt) and LED excitation via Arduino shutter.

Everything is fine independently (snap, live mode, time-lapse imaging in MDA, etc), HOWEVER each time after I run Live mode, the Arduino shutter become unstable, and the individual images acquired with Snap, Album, MDA are very variable from one to another, in terms of intensity and overall view. I observed that the duration of Arduino shutter-controlled LED excitation is extremely variable, proper for one image (e.g., at 100ms exposure time) yet very transient for another image!

My temporal solution is to run Live mode to search for a proper imaging region, then RELOAD HARDWARE CONFIGURATION, then can properly perform Album, Snap, MDA etc (not touching live mode). It's abit tideous to do this.

Could you help me to figure out what is the problem?

Many thanks,