Long exposure time with Hamamatsu C9100-23B / Hamamatsuham device adapter?

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Long exposure time with Hamamatsu C9100-23B / Hamamatsuham device adapter?

Egor Zindy
Hello list,

The maximum exposure time with the Hamamatsu C9100 in micromanager
seems to be 1s. As this camera is part of a LV200 bioluminescence
system, we would like the maximum range to be at least several hours.
The existing software allows this but we would like to test
micromanager with this microscope.

I have read the notes on https://micro-manager.org/wiki/HamamatsuHam
about adding a EXPOSURE FULL RANGE property to our config file as per:

EXPOSURE FULL RANGE: When disabled, you are limited to an exposure of
10 seconds. When enabled, you are not limited and it will allow you to
set the maximum exposure time for the camera. The reason for this
property is because it is currently not possible to abort an exposure
in Micro-Manager and also because the scroll bar for the exposure time
can change the exposure quite dramatically.

... but maybe this is only for the Flash4 camera? We don't seem to
have a EXPOSURE FULL RANGE property with the C9100.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards,

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