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MM2 colour camera questions


While learning how MM2 works I seem to have got the Fluorescence/Camera working but we also use a colour camera for colourimetric work and this is throwing up a few issues or at least things I can't work out.

In 1.4, with the same colour camera (QImaging R6) we get 3 histograms for each channel (Red, Green, Blue) and use the PM/QI auto white balance to correct, which works well. In MM2, there is a single histogram. When a Live window is opened the histogram looks like Histogram_Before attached image (Central dot and histogram 'filled in') but if I move the cursor into the image window then the histogram changes to Histogram_After attached image. What is the difference between the two histograms and is there only meant to be one histogram for all three channels for a colour camera?

Also, when running the Auto White Balance for this camera I get the attached error before the White Balance window opens. Anyone else seen this, as the white balance itself seems to work?

Other questions which will wait but thanks for reading,


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