MM2 crash on snap image PCO sensicam qe

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MM2 crash on snap image PCO sensicam qe


I'm trying to use beanshell (i've also tried in matlab) to take multidimension acquisitions. Since micromanager 1.4 has limitations regarding image metadata, I'd like to use the 2.0 beta, but I've been experiencing problems when changing exposures in the new version. Just calling mm.core().getImage() after changing the exposure seems to be sufficient to cause the error, as does pressing the "snap" button in the GUI after changing exposure manually. I've attached a log file.

When running MM2 inside matlab, I get a "camera image buffer read failed" error instead of a crash.

Unless I'm missing something, seems like there is a problem with the PCOKamlib dll in MM2

Windows 7
tested with MM 2.0beta 20180226 and 20180411
PCO sensicam qe with serial link

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