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1. Does anyone have a compiled MaiTai.cpp file?

2. How to set laser wavelength with only 1 channel selection, not 2?

Hi all,

I have a Spectraphysics MaiTai fs-pulsed laser, and have had some success controlling the laser manually through the beanshell script window. Since I haven't got a compiled form of the Maitai.cpp script that's already available for controlling the laser (, I managed to set it up as using UserDefinedStateDevice, then set a few key wavelengths as states, then set these as channels in combination with some optical filters.

The issue I have is that the laser wavelength will only change after the channel preset is selected twice (i.e. select once and select same value again). When the laser is controlled through the command line, the commands only need to be sent once. Without a change in wavelength I'm unable to use the multidimensional acquisition window.

Does someone have a compiled MaiTai.cpp file? Alternatively, does anyone know a way around the issue described above?

Kind regards,

Niall Hanrahan

PhD Student - Chemistry

University of Southampton

Email: n.hanrahan@...

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