Memory error in device "iXon DU897_BV": DRV_ERROR_PAGELOCK ... (20010) on Multi-D Acq.

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Memory error in device "iXon DU897_BV": DRV_ERROR_PAGELOCK ... (20010) on Multi-D Acq.

Raaz  Lion
Hi everyone,

Im struggling with the Multi-D Acquisition with 0 ms time intervals after the upgrade to MM 2 gamma.

Here’s some hopefully useful info:

Before we were using:
— MM 1.4.15
— with an Andor iXon DU897_BV camera

Everything worked fine. But we got a new SmarAct 2D stage and thus had to upgrade to MM 2 gamma

Now we’re using:
— MM 2.0.0-gamma1 20190505
— still with the same camera
— and the SmarAct 2D Stage

We’re doing STORM imaging, so we acquire up to 100’000 images, as fast as possible.
Exposure time varies, but usually a good guess would be 35ms.

Multi-D Acq. Settings are:
[x] Time Points:
Count: 100’000
Interval: 0 ms

[x] Save Images
— Separate image files

Everything else is not activated.

Now if I want to start a Multi-D Acq. with the same settings as with the old setup, I get the error message
Error: Acquisition failed.
Java.lang.Exception: Error in device „iXon DU897_BV“: DRV_ERROR_PAGELOCK: Please ensure you have enough memory available to store the acquisition. (20010)

Two things I tried did not help so far:
2: manually removed the MicroManager preferences under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\Org\micromanage as described under

I found two ways to workaround the problem which are both not very convenient:
1: Use MM 1.4 to acquire the images and MM 2 gamma at the same time to move the stage
2: Set the acquisition interval bigger than the exposure time (at least +1 ms) — the result is a very much slower acquisition which is not really suitable due to fluorophore/buffer instability

Does anyone have a guess what’s the problem here?
Thanks in advance! This mailing list is great =)

Best, Lion

PS: and in case Joran is reading this — the SmarAct Stage plugin works like a charm on MM 2 gamma

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