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Micormanager-xystage error

Dear all,

I am setting up a stage controller(Zeiss MCU28) in Micormanager right now. I
am able to use script panel to move the stage, but with an error (Title of
error message is Micro-manager error, content is XY Stage error)

1. When I am using PositionList "Go to" function, I can move the stage, but
with the error showing up.
2. I modified a script that I found online, goal is to move stage by steps
(capture an image, then move to the next one). Below is my code, I am new to
programming, so there might be errors:

import org.micromanager.api.PositionList;
import org.micromanager.api.MultiStagePosition;
import org.micromanager.api.StagePosition;
import org.micromanager.api.PositionListDlg;
//import java.lang.System;

//PositionList pl = new PositionList();
xy = mmc.getXYStageDevice();
xPos = mmc.getXPosition(xy); //get current X-Position
yPos = mmc.getYPosition(xy); //get current Y-Position

PositionList pl = gui.getPositionList(); //get current PossitionList
n = pl.getNumberOfPositions();

//int n=6;

for (int i=0; i < n; i++) {
    mpos = pl.getPosition(i);
    MultiStagePosition.goToPosition(mpos, mmc);   //Line 21
print (mmc.getYPosition(xy))

Running this script, I can move the stage to the position 1 in PositionList,
then it calls error : " Line 21: run-time error : XY stage error. It didn't
get to print out the position at the end. As far as I know, I am using a for
loop, which means the stage is supposed to move step by step until the end
of the PositionList, but it's not in reality. I am not sure whether it's
caused by "XY stage error" or my script.

What I tried:
Increase Timeout settings. One is from Device Property Browser,
Core-TimeoutMs to 100000. Another one is from Hardware Configuration Wizard,
Device:ZeissScope|Library:ZeissCAN, COM5 AnswerTimeout to 100000.

I am still not able to figure out what cause error, appreciate any comments.
Thank you!

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