Moderately priced industrial cameras (eg: Sony IMX183) with MM support?

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Moderately priced industrial cameras (eg: Sony IMX183) with MM support?

Simon Thibodeau
Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a camera with the IMX183 sensor (1" BSI, 20mp,
rolling shutter w/ global reset, usually very cheap compared to global
shutter equivalents) that would be supported with MM, without having to use
OpenCVGrabber which has been pretty underwhelming with the cameras I tried
it with.

It seems Amscope, Touptek (TWAIN), and Point Grey make one, but their device
adapters are currently unsupported for the camera or broken with the latest
build. Ximea doesn't have a model with that sensor as of now.

Matrix-Vision sells the mvBlueFOX3-2205C, but I haven't been able to find it
yet in Canada, as their 2 distributors don't have it and it's not available
on B&HPhoto yet. I also haven't found much feedback on their adapters, but
they appear to support it directly which would be great. Any feedback on the
adapter would be appreciated.

Basler recently released a model with it, but it seems the device adapter is
still not fully implemented and not directly supported. Still, I'll be
following this thread for any updates on the adapter:

If anyone here knows of another company that makes one, that would be really
appreciated. I'm close to the point of giving up and going with a
traditional camera like Nikon/Canon, but I'm not sure my setup could hold
the weight.

More generally, does anyone know of other adapters for moderately priced
industrial cameras besides Ximea, the older Point Grey Cameras, the upcoming
Basler adapter and (perhaps) Matrix-Vision that are currently fully
functional in MM?

Thanks everyone,


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