Moticam connection to micro manager

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Moticam connection to micro manager

Makhala Khammy
Hi all, 

I am new to micro Manager (and to microscopy in general really). I have a Moticam Pro (285C) camera that I am trying to set up with Micro-manager. 

As instructed on the Micro-manager site, I have installed the latest version of Micro-Manager (1.4.23, 64 bit for Windows 10 Education), installed the Moticam driver software (MIDevice for Micro-manager), copied config_Motic.cfg to the Micro-manager directory and attempted to load the configuration file. 

I get the following errors:


Error: Failed to load hardware configuration
Line 16: Property, core, Initialize, 1
Error in device "MotiCam": No cameras found. Please connect a Motic camera and turn it on (100)

Pretty sure the relevant driver has been installed since the camera appears as an imaging device with a working driver in the Device manager. Also the camera works with Motics own software (Motic Images Plus 3.0). 

I'm probably missing something completely obvious - any help is appreciated. 


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