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Multi-D Acquisition - [B cannot be cast to [S

Cole, Mary Beth


I've posted before about trying to get our SPOT Idea 3.1 Mp Color Camera to work with Micro-Manager. We have been testing an automated High Speed XY Scanning Stage from ThorLabs, which works perfectly with MM and the demo camera. It moves in a set grid pattern or to specific coordinates. I should note that the stage we were testing was a loan unit, and did not come with an adapter for our specific microscope, so it was hooked up to the computer but it was sitting to the side of the microscope. Since the automated stage wasn't under the camera I couldn't use Pixel Calibrator. However, I manually inserted a pixel size when creating the grid pattern coordinates. 

We've had issues with accessing Live in our camera, due to the circular buffer filling up and then stalling. Our SPOT camera can be accessed only with MM 1.3.49 or MM 2.0beta. The Live image works only with MM 1.3.49. With MM 2.0beta, the Live image freezes and then crashes with a Java SE error. The Sequence Buffer Monitor is shown to fill up and stall before this crash. I've tried all sorts of RAM settings both for MM to fix this. We have rather low RAM on our old 32-bit Windows 10 computer (8192 MB RAM for Memory and available 3572 MB RAM).

I thought Multi-D Acquisition might work if images were written directly to either our hard drive or share drive rather than being temporarily stored in RAM. With 1.3.49 beta, I get the error "Unsupported pixel depth: 4 in Thread" (see attached error log) and Multi-D Acquisition will not start. Based on other questions answered this listserv, I believe this means than the color images are not supported by this old MM version. 

With 2.0beta, the stage does move in the assigned grid pattern. However, no images are taken, and I get the error "Failed to write image at <channel: 0, position: 1, time: 0, z: 0>" for each position. The pop-up error as well as the error log (attached) shows "java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to [S in Thread[TaggedImage sink thread,6,main]"

The other examples I see of this error have to do with Pixel Calibrator not working with RGB cameras around 2014. Is this still the case? Or is it related to our circular buffer issues with 2.0beta?

Thank you, 

Mary Beth

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