Multicolor Burst/Stream acquisition

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Multicolor Burst/Stream acquisition

Daniel Dickinson
Hi All, 

We'd like to implement the following type of multi-dimensional acquisition protocol: 
For each stage position: 
- Acquire 500 frames as fast as possible (0 delay) using one channel/illumination
- Switch channels and acquire another 500 frames with 0 delay using the second channel/illumination
- Move to the next stage position and repeat

This doesn't appear to be natively supported in Micro-Manager, as there is no "Position, Channel, Time" order of acquisition option.  Am I mistaken about this?  Thought it was worth asking before I go try to figure out how to write my own acquisition script. 

In case I do end up having to write something custom, I'd be grateful for any suggestions on where to start, or (better yet) if anyone could share code that does something similar. 

Dan Dickinson 

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