New plugin: Easier Micro-Manager User interfaces (EMU)

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New plugin: Easier Micro-Manager User interfaces (EMU)

Dear all,

Since many years now, we have been using a custom Micro-Manager plugin to
control our complex instruments. Because each microscope comes with its own
set of different devices, we implemented over time a neat configuration
system in the plugin to avoid modifying the code each time a device changes.
This made our plugin easily transferable to new microscopes or
collaborators, and independent of the hardware manufacturers!

Recently, the configuration system was split from our interface to become
its own plugin: Easier Micro-Manager User interfaces (EMU).

EMU aims at providing the community with highly reconfigurable user
interfaces (UI) to use within Micro-Manager. EMU loads its own plugins (the
UIs) and gives users access to the configuration menu allowing mapping
(micro-manager) device properties to UI properties. The same UI can
therefore easily be used on similar microscope without hard-coding the
device names, properties and states. Check out the quick introduction in the
EMU guide for a demo.

You can implement your own plugin with little programming using drag and
drop tools (available in most development environment, such as Eclipse,
NetBeans or IntelliJ) and benefit from EMU’s configuration system and device
interaction framework. A programming guide and a tutorial are available

Currently, EMU is shipped with two (simple) example plugins and is available
in Micro-Manager 2-gamma nightly builds. In the future, we hope to expand
the list of available UIs with community contributions.
If you have questions/comments and are interested in using EMU or in
developing your own UI, come have a chat on Gitter: !

Here are a few links to resources:
* EMU user and programming guides:
* Quick intro:
* Tutorial:
* Source code on github:
* Pre-print:
* Questions/comments, join the Gitter chat:

Joran Deschamps

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