Nightly Builds and whereabouts of Corelog.txt (somewhat Arcane topic)

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Nightly Builds and whereabouts of Corelog.txt (somewhat Arcane topic)

Hoover, Karl
Dear µManager Users,

If you are trying out the nightly builds and thereafter looking for the CoreLog.txt debug trace files please note:

On OS X and Windows, the builds from February 12th to February 18th are always putting the CoreLog.txt into the current user's HOME or HOMEPATH directory. This was done because an ordinary user may not have write access to the the place where the program is typically installed, e.g. the Program Files or Applications directory.

As of the Windows build of February 19 and the OS X build of the 20th, the µManager will attempt to put CoreLog.txt in the 'current' directory, i.e. where ever you've installed, only failing thatwill it attempt to write the the log into the users HOME or HOMEPATH directory.

Please ask if questions remain.

Best Regards,
Karl Hoover

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