OughtaFocus score not changing w/ z position

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OughtaFocus score not changing w/ z position

Ben Isaacoff-2
Hello, I'm trying to use OughtaFocus and I realized that the score isn't changing as the z stage moves. As you can see in the corelog at http://pastebin.com/2UMyTUTD I tried several different metrics in OughtaFocus and in none of them does the score change when the z position changes.

The z stage does work, if I manually change the position in the device property browser I can see the image change. Also using the JAF option causes the z stage to move. So I'm fairly confident that the problem is with OughtaFocus or that I'm missing something about how to connect OughtaFocus to the camera.

Any idea what is going on here and how I can resolve this? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Ben Isaacoff

Applied Physics
University of Michigan


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