Plot Profile is not updating on Live for color images

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Plot Profile is not updating on Live for color images

Mahesh Kakuturu

Not sure this is a Micro-Manager bug or ImageJ functionality issue.
When I click "Plot Profile" option from ImageJ "Analyze" menu for my Micro-Manager live stream after drawing a Line or rectangle Roi on the live image, it opens a line profile for the Roi drawn.
When I switch to live mode, the line profile is not updating continuously in 32 bit RGB mode.
This update is working only on 8 bit grey scale mode. I even tested with demo camera configuration. But the output is same. This functionality is different than the Profile option available in MM main window.
Is it something needs to be fixed on MM side or ImageJ side?

Best Regards,
Mahesh Kakuturu
Sr. Software Engineer
Angstrom Science, Inc.

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