Programming Camera for triggered aquisition

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Programming Camera for triggered aquisition

Hello my name is Christopher Foy. I am trying to code a class in Maltab to control my camera using the micromanager, I have successfully loaded the core into matlab and take images and run continuously. 

Previously, I would trigger the camera using an external trigger controlled from matlab. I would then use the native micromanager control software to collect the tiff stack. However now I would like to do everything in matlab. My ideal psuedocode would look something like this:

prepare camera( input number of expected images)
for loop
trigger the camera 
tiff stack=give me all images

so that during the for loop, images are triggered and saved either on the camera's memory or (preferably) the computer's RAM like how micromanager does it. 

I can grab the image within the for loop but this is very slow to do within the loop. I tried looking through the java code available on the micromanager's website but I could not find the correct sequence of commands or example code. My best guess is something like this:


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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