Question About Exposed Image Processing ThreadPool

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Question About Exposed Image Processing ThreadPool

Justin Hanselman-2
Hey again,

    This is another technical question about the nature of the java source code for the 1.4 release.  I find myself in need of rather intensive parallel processing on an acquisition.  While it certainly works in its current state, I am migrating my code to more manageable architecture and I stumbled across the ij.Prefs.getThreads() function and its use in the GaussianFitThread implementation.  This is the closest thing that I have found to a shared standard for limiting the number of threads being used/reused and I was wondering if there is any mechanism in Micro-manager that provides a threadpool for a given type of task?  

    As an example, the getThreads() method description says that it ideally returns the threads used by PluginFilters, and I was wondering if there is any filter-related threadpool that is implemented by Micro-manager to reduce processing overhead and provide a more uniform thread limitation.  If not, was there a general rule of thumb about multi-threading a plugin in micro-manager that I may have missed?  I'm currently going to initialize a 75% of getThreads() to account for any filter threads micro-manager might be running if the LiveWindow was open. 

    Any clarification would be great! Thanks.

    Justin Hanselman

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