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RAMPS Problem


I am using a RAMPS board with Marlin Firmware which works very well on my DIY XY stage and Z positioner with self made G-code sender.
But configuring the RAMPSHub with MM does not work. It seem the MM sends G-codes to early so a timeout occurs and the driver is not loaded.
Has someone a working solution (other firmware or settings)?

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Re: RAMPS Problem

My RAMPS hardware has the LCD/SD card hardware attached. I found that I
needed to disable support for these in Marlin, in order for Micro-Manager to
allow me to add the RAMPS board in the hardware manager.
I still have not gotten my stage to move, but at least I have achieved some
level of communication with the RAMPS board. You may also want to look at
increasing the timeout values in the RAMPS configuration, as well as the
global settings.

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