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Re: MM2 gamma and Zeiss

Nico Stuurman-2
Hi irina (and others),

Please note that I am replying to the micro-manager mailing list as well
as your personal email address.  In general, it is so much better to
post these kind of questions on the MM mailing list, because:
- Others may know the answer
- Others can share the time commitment to help
- My answers will become publicly searchable, so that people with the
same question can find the answer.

> I have a "mongrel" Zeiss microscope  ( some parts of a quite new
> Observer 7 , with Definite Focus 2 and a Colibri 7 set-up) and other
> very old XY  ( Marzhauser Lstep Old)  and Vincent Uniblitz shutter (If
> I had more money I would have bought a new Nikon microscope and say
> goodbye to Zeiss, but had no choice)
> Anyway, I installed ( 2 years ago) Micromanager, made everything work
> together ( along with a Orca Flash 4 Hamamatsu camera) except the
> Definite Focus 2 which refuses completely to answer to MM. DF2 works
> manually controlled by the microscope  and also with and serial port
> directly from Win10. Two years ago I also made a slightly modified
> version of  ZeissCan where I modified the number of inputs for Colibri
> (to go to 6). Is not perfect, it worked ( with some glitches) until my
> update to Java8.
>  Do you know if somebody in the world made a DF2 compatible version of
> ZeissCan29 and compatible with your MM2 gamma ?  What you would advise
> me ?

There is a commit in the svn repository that reads:

r16613 | nico | 2018-01-31 09:46:49 -0800 (Wed, 31 Jan 2018) | 2 lines

ZeissCAN29: Support Zeiss Definite Focus 2 stabilizing position.
Pull Request 609 by Tineke Lenstra.  This commit changes the ZeissCAN29
device adapter by adding a property DefiniteFocusVersion (either 1 or 2)
and using its value while fosussing (using the StabilizeThisPosition
command) to determine the amount of data to read from the response.

This code should be in all current builds (1.4, 2.0-beta, 2.0-gamma) of
Micro-Manager.  I don't know how well it works, others can comment.  It
never hurts to try it out (and I advice to use 2.0-gamma for your
testing). Please do reports problems to the mailing list.



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Re: MM2 gamma and Zeiss

This post was updated on .
I upgraded from MM2.0.0 beta 3 20160826 to MM2.0.0 gamma 1 20200119. Nice
changes in many places!
Unfortunately, I had to roll back to  2.0.0 beta 3 20160826, since Zeiss
Definite Focus (first one) did not work with 2.0.0 gamma 1 20200119. It
said "Error occurred in device ZeissDefiniteFocus: wait timed out after
Note that Definite Focus worked fine through the Zeiss interface. It is thus
related to the MM2.0.0 gamma 1 20200119 code.
I attach the corresponding CoreLog if it can be of any help.

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