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Nico Stuurman-2
Hi Thomas,

On 12/14/17 10:09 AM, Thomas Etheridge wrote:

> I am just starting to learn scripting in MM with no previous coding
> experience.
> I am trying to automate our microscope and I am starting with just
> taking a white light burst of 100 frames. I am having issues with
> getting the SequenceSettings class to save my acquisition.
> This is the part of the code I am struggling with:
> SequenceSettings settingsWL = gui.getAcquisitionSettings();
> settingsWL.numFrames = 100;
> = true;
> settingsWL.root = "/Users/te38/Desktop";
> settingsWL.prefix = "WL";
> gui.setAcquisitionSettings(settingsWL);
> gui.runAcquisition();
> When I run this, the microscope will acquire the 100 frames, display
> it, but it won’t have saved it in the directory and it doesn’t give it
> a prefix….and there are no errors
> Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Not at all.  Your logic is impeccable, but it seems that Micro-Manager
is behaving strangely.  I don't know the reasons (which is why I don't
dare to change it), but MM ignores whatever you set for root and
prefix.  Instead, using the variant:

gui.runAcquisition("WL", "/Users/te38/Desktop");

Best of luck with your script writing!



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