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W dniu .06.2017 o 14:12  
<[hidden email]> pisze:

> Hi Monika,
> On 6/29/2017 5:29 AM, [hidden email] wrote:
>> I am trying to update my scripts to Micromanager2. I managed part of
>> it, but I got stuck at the setPositionList method that used to be
>> called via gui.setPositionList(pl). I tried several combinations that
>> I could think of after reading this
>> but I failed (my Java knowledge is very limited). How can I call this
>> method in mm2?
> import org.micromanager.PositionListManager;
> import org.micromanager.PositionList;
> PositionList pl = mm.positions().getPositionList();
> mm.positions().setPositionList( pl );

Thanks. My full script for creating a position list is here if somebody  
else finds this useful:

Sorry for not replying in proper thread - not sure how to do this when I  
get the emails as Digest.

Dr Monika Pawłowska
Nencki Institute
02-093 Warsaw
Pasteura 3

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